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Derren Brown is probably the most well known Mind Reader/Psychological performer in the UK today, Derron’s live shows are without doubt the best in the world using this type of entertainment. Exeter based Gary Jones Magic is also a close-up psychological performer, using his many years of experience as a sleight of hand performer and a master of misdirection, Gary has now branched out into the the wonderful world of mind reading and suggestion. To find out more please contact Gary Jones for further information on how this type of entertainment can lift any event and turn it into an unforgettable experience! 


So what is ‘Mind Magic’ I hear you think….Mind Magic is the ability to read thoughts….Yes seriously! Through the clever use of psychology and suggestion Gary is able to read your innermost thoughts, and through a combination of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and body-language Gary is also able to extract from your mind thought of words, names and playing cards….or does he use these techniques??

With magic tricks many people believe the old saying, ‘The Quickness of the Hand Deceives the Eye’…….well ‘Mind Magic’ is probably the complete opposite, with magic of the mind Gary Jones Magic is more like a slick pickpocket, but not stealing your belongings, no, Gary will steal your thoughts!

Book Gary Jones Magic (The Mind Pickpocket) for your next function/party/wedding/corporate event and witness the true power of the mind!