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It’s 3.30pm. Mysteriously, the bride and groom have failed to arrive at the reception. Perhaps the car has broken down and it’s taken longer than usual to get a replacement out. Meanwhile, the reception venue is a seething mass of friends and relations, a few of whom know each other, with nothing to do but wait and sip slowly the dwindling supply of champagne. What to do? Well, the newly-weds with foresight will already have engaged Gary Jones, Magician.


Not that Gary can do much about broken cam-shafts (well he might, but he’ll probably need a jack and a bag of spanners) or make the bride and groom suddenly appear in a puff of smoke, but he can certainly fill the hiatus quite considerably with panache and sleight of hand that will keep the guests amazed and amused until the normal proceedings can be resumed. With the attention to detail that Hire Car companies put into wedding arrangements, that scenario is never likely to happen, of course, but hiring entertainment at weddings to fill the gaps is something that is gaining in popularity.

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Close-up magic is a great way of getting the two families to interact, this alone is a great reason to book Gary. Close-up magic is an excellent ice breaker because the two sides have a general tendency to keep themselves to themselves and something to break the ice will make the party go with a real swing.

Gary’s show isn’t a cabaret-style performance, that would slow things down and that isn’t the intention. Gary mingles with the guests doing sleight of hand tricks and close-up magic with borrowed props. It all depends on what the bride and groom want really. Sometimes Gary might perform between courses at the meal, sometimes as the guests arrive, sometimes between the meal and the party, but generally, he’s on hand to fill in the gaps and entertain, particularly if there’s problem with anything, such as catering.

Despite the best laid-plans, there are always periods of inactivity during a wedding when things tend to fall a bit flat. Gary’s performance will keep things ticking over nicely. Gary always reserves a special trick for the bride and groom!


 Please contact Gary if you have any questions or queries about booking your wedding entertainment.

If enquiring via email for a quote for your wedding/party/conference, please make sure you leave a contact telephone number, Gary will then call you to discuss all your booking requirements.



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Gary Jones Exeter Based Magician

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