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True Story

March 14th, 2019 by Gary Jones Magic

Many moons ago when I was holidaying in Spain and I was ‘cooling off’ at the water’s edge I witnessed a wave drag off a lady’s wedding and engagement rings as she was sat just where the waves were breaking. Quite a few people started to search for the rings (have you ever dropped a coin into the sand and it completely disappears?) and out of the blue a Spanish lad (he was probably about 10 years old) put on a snorkel and mask and started to search the waters edge; after 5 minutes or so we all gave up searching, not this Spanish lad, he continued searching for a good 20 minutes or so after we all gave up.

We then heard a shout, he had found one of the rings, everyone started cheering and applauding this Spanish lad. He continued to search and after a further 10 minutes or so he found the other ring, well as you can imagine by now quite a large crowd had gathered to see what was going on, and when he found the second ring everyone went mad cheering and applauding this Spanish lad!

Please think about this for a second or two, most people gave up the search after about 5 minutes and just wrote off the fact that the lady would never see her precious rings ever again, but this kid was just so determined and luckily for this lady he didn’t give up! This young boy wasn’t going to be beaten, well not without giving it more than everyone else on that hot sunny day. And just think, if he had given up the search like the rest of us that poor lady would’ve lost those precious memories, and at the end of the day our memories are the only things which are worth more than anything else!

The purpose of this post…..Do not give up or give in too soon, if you keep at it you may be pleasantly surprised with the results, anything worthwhile takes time, hard work and patience!

I would love to meet that Spanish lad again and I often wonder how well he has done in life,  he certainly taught me a lesson about determination and perseverance all those years ago!

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